Top 10 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools Online in 2024

Backlink checker tools help you to know, how many websites/blogs are referring to you and how many of them are Nofollow or Dofollow. With the help of a tool, you can see how many are high-quality backlinks and how many are low-quality backlinks.

Later on, you can disavow low-quality backlinks from Google webmasters to improve your search ranking if required.

Q. What is Backlink Checker? A Backlink Checker is a tool used by website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals to analyze and assess the backlinks pointing to a specific website or webpage.

Top 10 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools in 2024

I have collected the 10 best free backlink checker tools based on functionalities and trustworthiness.

OpenLinkProfiler Free Backlink Checker

OpenLinkProfiler is a free backlink checker that allows you to analyze and assess the backlinks pointing to any website. It provides detailed insights into a website’s backlink profile. The tool offers numerous filters to sort and organize the data effectively. OpenLinkProfiler free backlink checker is a useful tool for website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals who want to assess their backlinks or analyze competitors’ link profiles.

free backlink check tools online

Majestic Backlink Checker Tool

Majestic, a well-established SEO tool, offers a Backlink Checker that has been a go-to resource for SEO professionals and digital marketers since its launch in 2008. It has the largest link index database. You can check the fresh and historic index. It also shows the trust and citation flow of your domain.

You will see in the below image that the trust flow is 96 and the citation flow is 85. The numbers show the popularity and trustworthiness of However, these numbers are generated with some algorithms set by Majestic.

majestic backlink checker

SEMRUSH Free Backlink Analytics Tool

SEMrush Backlink Analytics is a robust tool that empowers website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals to delve into the intricate world of backlinks. It offers one of the largest and most up-to-date backlink databases in the market. With over 43 trillion quality backlinks, it allows you to evaluate and compare link profiles in-depth. The tool helps you track new backlinks and monitor link-building progress.

SEMrush’s Authority Score metric instills confidence in your insights. It’s based on authoritative data sources, including links and traffic. SEMrush also offers the Backlink Audit tool, which detoxifies your backlink profile. It provides a Toxicity Score and detailed insights into suspicious links. However, there are only 10 free attempts in a day.

SEMRUSH Free Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker Tool

However, Ahrefs does not give SEO tools free of cost but now Ahrefs started giving a few things back to the community free of cost. Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker Tool is one of them. The Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker Tool is a fantastic resource for website owners and SEO beginners. It offers valuable insights into your website’s backlink profile, helping you understand your authority and identify areas for improvement. However, for deeper analysis, competitor comparisons, and advanced metrics, a paid Ahrefs subscription might be necessary.

Along with backlinks, Ahref’s free backlink checker tool also shows the domain authority of your website.

ahrefs backlink checker

MOZ Free Backlink Checker

MOZ brought you an open site link explorer where anyone can check backlinks for your domain. Along with backlink Moz Link Explorer also provides DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) for your blog. (Note: It has limited checks for a domain in the free version).

moz link explorer tool

Neil Patel Free Backlink Checker Tool

Neil Patel’s Free Backlink Checker Tool is a valuable resource for understanding your website’s backlink profile. With this tool, you can discover who links to your website and even analyze your competitors’ backlinks. It provides insights into the number of links pointing to any domain or URL, including details on total link count, .edu and .gov links, and the exact number of unique referring domains. You can export all links in CSV, or Excel. However, exporting backlinks for free is limited but good for beginners.

Link-Assistant SEO SpyGlass Free Banklink Checker

Link-Assistant’s SEO SpyGlass Free Backlink Checker Tool is a powerful resource for analyzing any website’s backlink profile. Powered by SEO PowerSuite’s crawler, this tool provides valuable insights into your backlinks. You can run a full-scale backlink analysis, compare competitors’ domains, examine backlink gaps, and explore historical backlink data.

The tool calculates the InLink Rank score of linking pages and domains, helps you differentiate between nofollow and dofollow backlinks, and even analyzes anchor texts.

Linkody Free Backlink Checker

Linkody’s free version gives you the ability to check 2 unique domains per week. You can see up to 100 referring domains instantly with Linkody’s Free Backlink Checker. It gives full access to pro members. The free version is also worth using.

LXRMarketPlace Backlink Checker Tool

LXRmarketPlace provides a quick summary of the number of backlinks, referring domains, and the number of NoFollow Links, along with indexed pages in Google. It is a free tool.

LinkMiner By Mangools SEO

LinkMiner by Mangools brought you a free backlink checker tool. It also shows you Citation Flow, and Trust Flow for your domain along with backlinks to your blog.

RankWatch Free Backlink Checker Tool

RankWatch is another great free backlink checker tool. It has a very simple interface and is easy to use and navigate.

Backlinks check by SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools look new for me but found it good in the list of best free backlink checkers. It shows External backlinks, Follows links percentage, Referring Domains, Referring IPs, etc.

Wrapping It Up

Here, I tried to explain the best and best free backlink checker tools available online. There are many other tools available. It is totally up to you what you feel is suitable for your blog.

Do your backlink check for free. If you feel I left something very important and widely accepted backlink checker tool, share it with us too.

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