How Dofollow Nofollow Links Work In SEO

Being an owner of a blog or a website, you must need to understand that how dofollow nofollow links work in your SEO. Both need to be handled very carefully with your blog and site.

Dofollow & Nofollow are HTML attributes designed to instruct search engines. Search engines crawl your blog/website according to the parameter of dofollow and nofollow; what you have set for your blog.

We normally use NoFollow rel attribute in a hyperlink if we don’t want it to be followed by search engines, if we don’t use it then hyperlinks become DoFollow by default. NoFollow attribute was especially introduced to stop spam comments in blogs by Google’s Matt Cutts and Blogger’s Jason Shellen. Read more about nofollow attribute at Wikipedia.

How DoFollow NoFollow links work?:

Both are opposite of each other. Dofollow link allows the search engine to follow hyperlink and Nofollow doesn’t allow search engines to follow a hyperlink. If the hyperlink doesn’t contain nofollow rel attribute then that hyperlink will be followed by search engines without having any dofollow attribute.

An Example:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>About</a>

In above example, about page of will not be followed by search engines. Search engines will skip the about page link.

Another example:

<a href=””>About</a>

In this example, search engines will follow about page of No need to dofollow attribute.

Note: If you are using any affiliate links in blog/website then you must need to use NoFollow attribute.


Dofollow link gives a link juice and a backlink which is important for any blog/website. If nofollow attribute has been used in any hyperlink then it will not give any backlink and link juice. Dofollow Nofollow both are important according to the situation.

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