How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

A domain name is an identity of your business. People know your business by your domain name; especially if you are in an online business. Choose a domain for your blog and business wisely.

Do you know some popular brands like used to be called and used to be called Google.Stanford.Edu?

They reinvented themselves and changed their domain names. became and Google.Stanford.Edu became

Now you will realize the importance of a good domain name. A perfect domain name is a very important part of starting a perfect blog or online business.

Awesome Tips To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Blog

Domain Name Must Be Easy To Type

Use a very easy name that everyone can type easily like,,, etc. Avoid using complicated slung in a domain name.

Keep Your Domain Name as Short as You Can

Keep your domain name as short as you can. Normally short names are easy to remember and type. It becomes a word of mouths. For example, is easy to remember and type but if it would be Would it be easy to remember? The answer is No, It is long and not easy to remember and type.

Use The Brand Name In Your Domain Name

Try to get a domain name with your brand name like, Bata is a shoemaking company and also sells shoes by the same name.

Use Area Name In Your Domain Name

If you are targeting any particular city or country you can choose a domain name mixed with your targeted area name. Such as US News (, U.S News is a news website and its focus area is the U.S. hence they combined U.S and News together and made it Similarly The Japan Times (

They put the country name in their domain name.

Catchy And Easy To Pronounce

Your domain name must be catchy and easy to pronounce. For example, and are catchy and easy to pronounce domain names.

Avoid Numbers And Hyphen

You must avoid numbers and hyphen in a domain name for your blog. Either people misspell your domain name or forget it. For example, if my blog URL would be or so think that who will remember this? And who will type the correct domain name every time, except me? The answer is no one.

Choose An Appropriate Domain Extension

While choosing a domain name extension, you must be choosy. There are many domain extensions available but which is a memorable extension? Do you know?

.COM, .Net, .ORG is the most popular extensions where .COM covers half of the market shares.

It is not easy to get a short and desired domain name with .COM extension. But you should try for .COM domain first.

For example, I never type (Google India), I am habitual to type I don’t type, I type

By the above examples, I only wanted to tell you that .COM is a memorable domain extension and widely used.

If your business or blog focuses on any particular country so you can go with your country extension like,, .news, .tv, .travel etc

Similarly, you can go with other domain extensions although the recall value of those extensions would be less.

Use Keyword In A Domain Name

Although, using a keyword in a domain name is no more a ranking factor in Google but it still works. It will give you an indirect benefit.

We can easily remember those domain names which are using any particular keyword which indicates any particular industry and any particular subject like,,,,, etc.

A keyword in a domain of your area of work generates recall value for your brand.

Above are a few tips to choose a perfect domain name. These are the best practices to choose a perfect domain name.

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