How To Prevent Google Analytics From Tracking Your Visit And Previews

Analytics is a key part of any website. There are many analytics tools available which webmasters use. Google Analytics is one of them and widely used. It helps us to track traffic which we receive on our blog/website. People can track visitors locations, IPs, browsers etc and even can check that how many are visiting in real time. It is completely free and a preferred analytics tool of webmasters.

Do you know It also tracks you? Irrespective, you are logged in or not. I was too facing this problem for a long time. Due to self-tracking, my Google Analytics report was not showing me correct sessions and users. I was not getting the correct analytics data. My blog is using WordPress CMS and it tracks every preview of my blog post which I check while writing a post.

After a long research, I knew that we can prevent Google Analytics from tracking our own visits and previews. It helped me a lot and stopped Google Analytics from tracking me.

How To Prevent Google Analytics From Tracking You:

I found two ways to prevent Google Analytics to track my own visit. Let me explain you one by one.

1- Prevent by IP address:

First of all, locate your own IP address by using and add that IP address to the exclusion list.

Let’s say your IP address is then copy that IP and follow following steps.

I. Login on Google Analytics
II. Click on Admin
III. Click on filters inside view property

filter in google analytics

IV. Click on Add Filter
V. Create new filter – Filter name – and check Exclude

block and exclude IP

VI. Now select traffic from the IP address and put IP address in the next box then click on save

put ip address

By this way, Google Analytics will stop tracking you if traffic comes from the excluded IP address.

2- Prevent Google Analytics from different rules:

Tracking page previews by Google Analytics is really a pain for everyone. We preview our post countless times before publishing it to ensure that everything goes correctly. But the same time we preview a post, Google tracking codes also get reloaded and tracks every preview. It badly impacts our analytics figures and we get the wrong report.

preview tracking

To prevent tracking page previews follow following steps.

I. Follow the same steps as above explained like

  1. Analytics login
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on filters inside view property
  4. Add filter
  5. Create new filter and give filter name

II. Now click on Custom
III. Select “Request URI” from excluding filter field

page preview exclude


IV. Now use “preview=true” in Filter Pattern and click on save

preview pattern

Now Google Analytics will not track your page previews. You can also set any other rules to exclude other pages tracking by this way. Here is a screenshot that how I am excluding my own page tracking.

list of exclusion

If you know any other ways to prevent Google Analytics from tracking our own visits and page previews, please do share with me too.

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