Legitimate Sources To Check Latest Google Algorithm Update

Google wants to provide a better user experience, and for this, Google did and keeps making many changes in its search results. Google completely changed its search ranking algorithm from its presence.

Each year, Google makes some changes to its search algorithm. However most of them are minor but still, they matter. Ultimately all changes in the algorithm are for better search results.

Google’s search algorithm is a complex beast, constantly evolving to provide the best possible results for users. To achieve this, Google rolls out updates at varying frequencies and scales.

Types of Google Search Algorithm Updates

Google search algorithm updates are divided into two parts one is “Core Updates” and another one is “Specific Updates“.

google algorithm updates on similarweb blog
Screenshot taken from Similarweb blog
  • Core Updates: These are broad, sweeping changes that significantly impact how Google ranks websites. They don’t target specific sites but aim to improve the overall quality of search results. They happen several times a year and are announced by Google.
  • Specific Updates: These focus on addressing particular aspects of search, like spam fighting, product reviews, or mobile friendliness. They happen more frequently and may not be officially announced.

To keep you updated with the latest Google algorithm update I have consolidated some online trusted sources here. You can read and understand the updates, and make changes in your blog to fit with Google.

Sources To Check Latest Google Algorithm Update

If you want to rank well in Google search, you just need to be updated with Google algorithm changes because Google is the main source of traffic. Google dominates the internet.

The following are the best resources to know changes in the Google search algorithm.

Google Developers – Core Updates

Google periodically rolls out core updates that bring significant changes to its search algorithms and systems. These updates aim to improve search results and ensure helpful and reliable content for users. You can find information about these updates on the Google Search Central page. It explains how core updates work and provides insights on assessing and improving your content.

Google Algorithm Update History by Semrush

Semrush provides a comprehensive history of confirmed changes to Google’s ranking system. This resource allows you to explore the evolution of Google’s algorithms and gain insights to improve your SEO strategies.

semrush google algorithm checker
Screenshot taken from SEMrush.com

Google Algorithm Update History by Search Engine Roundtable

SERoundTable.com is a very reliable source for checking the complete history of the old and latest changes in the Google algorithm. It keeps updated all algorithm changes with dates.

Google Algorithm Update History by MOZ.com

MOZ has a complete list of all algorithm changes since Google started changing its algorithm and started releasing updates. It is very easy for you to check which year update Google released. They provide in-depth analysis, case studies, and practical advice to help you navigate Google’s updates effectively.

Google Algorithm Update History by Search Engine Land

As its name suggests, it has information regarding changes and new updates in the search engine industry. It covers almost every topic-related algorithm change in Google search. Search Engine Land offers a timeline of major Google search algorithm updates. You can find the latest coverage of algorithm changes, news, and guides on their platform

Google Algorithm Update History by Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal regularly covers algorithm updates, including detailed information about their impact, rollout, and implications. Their articles provide valuable insights and practical advice for SEO professionals

Google Algorithm Update History by Similarweb Blog

Similarweb blog keeps you updated with the latest changes in Google algorithm and a possible future change alert as well. It shows algorithm changes by visual graphs and marking relevant sources from where you can get more information regarding a change. Formerly it was available on RankRanger.com but now the Google Algorithm Update section moved to the Similarweb blog from RankRanger. Smilarweb.com owens RankRanger.com.

Final Words

Google keeps changing its search algorithm every year and a few times it releases major algorithm updates, most of the changes are minor. Google’s only motto behind changing algorithms is to keep the web secure and show relevant and useful pieces of information to the people. Keep reading the above-said resources and others to keep yourself updated with the latest changes in the Google algorithm.

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