5 Best MangaStream Alternatives To Read Manga Online

MangaStream was a popular Manga online comics reading platform which is no more. Just after MangaStream was down, JaiminisBox also stopped working. MangaStream was one of the favorite online Manga platforms for high-quality comics for Manga readers. MangaStream’s Twitter account also got disabled just a few hours later of shutting down the MangaStream scanlation website. Also read, how to watch cartoons online free

What Happened to MangaStream?

Manga comics and magazines have a huge fan following, not only in Japan but all over the world. Suddenly MangaStream and its Twitter account went offline, people started discussing on forums what happened to MangaStream? Manga readers also were discussing the news of shutting down of this OnePiece Manga on Reddit such as MangaStream is gone etc.

There is no official statement but TorrentFreak confirms that MangaStream was sued in a US court by Japanese publisher Shueisha.

Manga Stream was providing a scanned copy of comics on its platform. Due to piracy of original contents, it got shut down.

Top 5 Best MangaStream Alternatives

However, MangaStream is gone, there are some other alternatives for reading Manga online.

MangaFox – MangaSteam Alternative

mangafox mangastream alternative

MangaFox has enough potential to become a MangaStream alternative. It has a very clean and user-friendly interface. There are many fake manga scanlation sites are running on the name of MangaFox. http://fanfox.net/ is the original domain for MangaFox.

It has all popular manga scanlation series such as WSJ and WSM manga and also has Shotacon, Smut.

MangaFox has a smartphone app as well which is very popular among Manga readers on smartphones. Due to piracy materials, the MangaFox app is not available on Android and Apple iOS official app stores. MangaFox recommends the Manga Zone App site download its app on Android, iPhone, and iPad.


With a clean interface, MangaDex has plenty of features for its users. It has a community and group section as well where anyone can discuss, share Manga with the community, and also can make groups. Existing groups also can be followed to know and discuss Manga online.

MangaDex has one of the largest collection of Josei, Seinen, Shonen, and webtoon manga comics. All Manga comics are available in more than 20 languages, including German, Italian, French, etc.

MangaOwl – MangaStream Alternative

mangaowl mangastream alternatives

MangaOwl claims itself best MangaStream Alternative. MangaOwl is also known for releasing one of the very popular Manga Comics series WSJ episodes before its official release date.

MangaOwl has an attractive user interface with more than 52 Manga genres from Action to Yuri. All Manga genres easily can be navigated as MangaOwl is categorized all perfectly in the navigation bar.

MangaOwl’s homepage is very simple to navigate. It has separated all sections such as Must Read Today, New Release, Latest Update, Most Popular Manga, Japanese Manga, etc. MangaOwl also has a section for Top Shared Collection and Newest Collections. It has user rating options for individual episodes as well.


MangaPark is also one of the most talked-about Manga scanlation sites for reading Manga online. With a huge fan following and a very lucrative user interface, it has a strong reason to become a MangaStream alternative.

It has more than 50 genres ranging from Action to Zombies.


With more than 10,000 Manga Comics, MangaHere is becoming one of the popular online Manga reading platforms.

Not only in Japanese MangaHere also has Hong Kong Manga, Korean Manga, European Manga, Chinese Manga, among others.

It also has a smartphone app but will not be available in the Google play store and Apple iOS store. MangaHere recommends Manga Zone App.

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