15 Best Travel Affiliate Programs Online For Travel Bloggers in 2024

Since blogging has become the best way to share thoughts online, it also increases the opportunity to earn some money online. People love to travel and want to share their experiences. They start writing a travel niche blog and here is a big opportunity for travel bloggers to earn money.

Travel bloggers can join some travel affiliate programs online. Many big players in the industry are giving you a chance to be an affiliate partner with them and earn with them.

There are several ways to use any travel affiliate programs such as below:

  • Using white label
  • Linking search form
  • linking text
  • Using Banners of travel offers

It is completely up to you how you want to use any of the travel affiliate programs. Of course, you first need to check with the affiliate programs whether they are fulfilling your requirements.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs Online in 2024

I have sorted them by flexibility, affiliate commission, and most importantly, we sorted them by their responses to their affiliates. How a travel company is responding to its affiliates is the most important thing. It shows how they care about you and how serious they are for the business.

Following are the best travel affiliate programs for UK, US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, France, Japan, etc. No matter in which country you are living. If you are a travel blogger, these are the best travel affiliate programs for travel niche blogs.

1. Travelpayouts.com  Travel Affiliate Programs (Flights + Hotels + Other Travel Offers)

Travelpayouts is a dedicated company for travel affiliates. It has both flights and hotel programs. It shares 60 to 80% commissions with affiliates. The more you sell, the higher is your income. If you have any query they respond to you quickly and it shows their dedication to their affiliates.

Whether you want to use affiliate links in between your blog post or want to make a static travel website, it gives you both options. I found Travelpayouts one of the best affiliate programs. You can also show some travel deals to your visitors from top brands like Viator, Musement, etc.

If need all-in-one travel affiliate programs, you can join Travelpayouts.

travel payouts best affiliate programs online

2. Kayak Affiliate Program (HotelsCombined Affiliate Program)

HotelsCombined is acquired by Kayak. HotelsCombined affiliate program and Kayak affiliate program have been merged and now knows as Kayak affiliate program. Kayak.com is owned by Priceline Group and Priceline acquired Momondo and its sister site Cheapflights brand in 2017. Momondo and Cheapflights are popular brands in UK and Europe. Momondo affiliate programs also merged with Kayak.

A Kayak affiliate network is a combination of the Kayak affiliate program, the HotelsCombined affiliate program, and the Momondo affiliate program.

The Kayak affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn money through its flights, hotels, cars, and holiday packages affiliate network. You can earn a 50% commission on clicks, bookings, and ad revenue.

3. Booking.com Hotels Affiliate Program

Booking.com is a leader in hotel booking. It has more than 1,00,000 hotel properties are listed worldwide. It is one of the best travel affiliate programs for a travel niche blogger. Booking.com only pays you after every successful sale. If you refer a person to booking.com and he/she makes a hotel booking at booking.com, booking.com will only pay you after he/she stays in that hotel. There is no static commission for booking.com. It varies, the more you book, the more you make.

4. Agoda.com Hotels Affiliate Program

Agoda.com is a very fast-growing name among travel tycoons. It is improving the partner site day by day and making it more flexible to its affiliates. It is the best choice for travel niche bloggers. You can earn up to a 5% commission with Agoda. It increases commission rates if booking increases. Agoda.com is owned by Priceline Group like Booking.com.

5. Expedia Affiliate Program

I don’t need to brief you about Expedia here. Expedia itself is a leader and a brand in the travel industry. Unfortunately, EAN is not available to everyone. If you don’t have enough traffic they will not give you access to their affiliate program. They review every site before giving access if they found that you have less traffic they will not approve your request. However, it is very popular among those bloggers who get high traffic on their blogs.

6. TripAdvisor.com Hotels Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor shares a 50% commission. It has  600+ million reviews, plus 500,000 city and hotel pages. TripAdvisor provides you with an option of deep linking of pages. It also has pre-made offers banners for affiliates. However, TripAdvisor also has a flight search but does not allow an affiliate to use it.

To join the TripAdvisor affiliate program you need to sign up at CJ.com

7. Marriott Hotels Affiliate Program

Marriott is a hotel chain of more than 3,900 hotels in 72 countries and 15 brands. It gives you a 4% to 6% commission for hotel stays and a 3% commission on the Marriott vacation package. It is a free program but Marriott reviews every application manually.

8. Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

Cruise Direct affiliate program is the best option for those who travel on cruises and are fond of traveling in the sea, want to explore a world of water. Earn money on selling Cruise Vacations. It gives you 3% of the commission.

9. Klook Tour, Attraction And Activities Affiliate Program

This Hong Kong-based travel company is making the buzz. Klook is a platform for discovering activities and attractions. Travelers can book the tickets, tours, and packages for the fun, things to do, and activities that are running in their destination.

Klook provides up to 5% of the commission and if sale increases it can give you a bonus commission as well. It has 100,000+ activities across 300+ destinations and easy integration tools.

Click here to sign up for Klook.

klook tour best affiliate program online

10. RentalCars.com – Car Booking Affiliate Program

RentalCars.com is one of the biggest car rental services in the world, working with over 900 companies in 160 countries. It provides up to 60,000 locations to its affiliates for promotion. It is very easy to set up just copy links of search form or destination and put them on your blog and that’s it. RentalCars promises to pay a higher commission on each booking however they have not disclosed it.

Click here to sign up for RentalCars.com affiliate

11. World Nomads Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

WorldNomads.com is the biggest travel insurance company. It sells insurance to residents from over 130 countries around the world. It is free and easy to integrate. World Nomads has no limitations on referral fees. Refer more and earn more.

Click here to sign up for the World Nomads travel insurance affiliate program

12. iVisa Travel Visa Affiliate Program

iVisa is an online platform to provide a travel visa. It has multiple ways to send a visa to a person such as an electronic visa, visa on arrival, paper visa via FedEx, paper visa (In-person). iVisa gives more than 20% of the commission on travel visa sales. Cookies are set for 2 years if anyone comes back and buys a travel visa again you will get your commission.

https://www.ivisa.com/affiliates/ for the iVisa travel visa affiliate program (Note: iVisa affiliate page is down right now)

13. LonelyPlanet.com Travel Guide Book Affiliate Program

LonelyPlanet is one of the biggest travel guide book publishers in the world. It publishes travel guides, magazines, eBooks, etc. It gives you 15% of the transaction fee on all print books and ebooks. LonelyPlanet tied up with different affiliate providers to provide its stuff to bloggers.

  • Commission Junction (Asia Pacific)
  • Awin (Europe, UK, Middle East, and Africa)
  • Awin (Americas)

Apart from the above, you can also participate in the LonelyPlanet affiliate program through Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk associates programs.

14. Amazon Associates Affiliates Program

Amazon is the world’s biggest online e-commerce company. Although it is an e-commerce company, there are lots of travel products that bloggers can promote such as travel bags, ropes, tents, shoes, and many other products that are relevant to travelers. It gives you a handsome commission on each sale (up to 4 %- 5%).

15. Travel Affiliate Program Through The Affiliate Providers

Apart from individual travel affiliate programs, there are many other affiliate providers where companies give access to bloggers to promote their products. You can join these affiliate providers and promote travel-related products. Below are a few popular affiliate providers.

  • Commission Junction (CJ)
  • ShareASale
  • OptimiseMedia.com (Optimise)
  • Click Bank
  • Admitad and many more

Helpful Tips For Travel Affiliates

#1. Affiliate Disclosure

Whenever you use your travel affiliate link always disclose that this is an affiliate link and you earn some commission.

#2.  Affiliate Link Stuffing

Never never do affiliate link stuffing. If you insert too many affiliate links on your blog post or page it will look spammy and it is bad for your blog’s SEO.

#3. Affiliate Link Cloaking or Nofollow

Always use link cloaking tools such as Thirsty Affiliate or Pretty Links or Nofollow each affiliate link manually. If you don’t do this you may be penalized by Google.

Wrapping it up: The Best Travel Affiliate Programs Online

I tried to mention the best travel affiliate programs as per our best knowledge. I almost tried every affiliate program explained above. Find the best suitable programs for you.

I strongly advise you not to use every program at once. Sign up one or two programs only and use them on your blog/website.

If you like this please do share. Or if you feel that I have missed something best, please let me know I will review it and try to add it here.

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